The Paradise: Masbates’ Islands and Islets.

For an archipelagic country that is compose of more than seven thousand landmass, a scenery of islands and islets on azure water seems typical already, but for those who are truly sons and daughters of beach would treat every single thing as a treasure; sea, sand, sun and etc... that each island and islet can [...]


Nickelodeon Slime Cup Run 2017- Run for a cause!

It's another fun year to all the Nicksters: (Nickelodeon peeps)- to get everything going this year.! May 28, 2017 - Sunday 6:00 am in Bonifacio Global City at McKinley west held run for a cause of Nickelodeon Asia  - SLIME CUP RUN 2017 for the benefit of Philippines Animal Welfare Society - PAWS where families- kids, kids [...]